Headache Pain? We Understand

Headaches are a common complaint after a car accident. These headaches can be caused by a number of factors. Let’s take a look at the three top causes of headache pain after car accident injury.

Muscle Tension Headaches

To begin with, many times headaches are associated with neck pain after whiplash trauma to the spine. After the delicate spinal joints in the neck are injured, muscle tension and spasm are a secondary consequence. Muscle tension headaches are the result with associated neck pain and reduced mobility of the neck.

Referred Pain Headaches

Second, the spine houses and protects an intricate network of nerves, including your spinal cord that act as your body’s information super-highway. When the spinal joints are injured in an auto accident, these nerves often become irritated and inflamed, referring pain to the head and producing headaches.

Concussion Headaches

Finally, auto accidents can cause traumatic brain injury either by the head striking an object in the car, such as the dashboard, or by the shaking of the brain in the skull during the whiplash motion. Often referred to as a concussion, these types of headaches can be particularly brutal and many times are associated with dizziness and nausea.

Getting the Right Care Makes All the Difference

Headaches from car accident injury can be from one, or all, of these factors. Nobody wants to suffer from headaches any longer than they have to, but headaches after a car crash can be complicated. First, and foremost, a thorough evaluation by a chiropractor trained in caring for these complex injuries is required. In order to alleviate a problem, one must first understand the problem. When it comes to headaches, chiropractic finds the source of your problem rather than covering up the pain with pills; thereby creating lasting relief. Getting the right care makes all the difference!

Are You Suffering from Headache Pain?

Please call the Woodbridge car accident chiropractor, Dr. Ruminder Birk, right way at (905) 264-WELL. Dr. Birk has the training and experience necessary to thoroughly evaluate and care for the cause of your headache pain. Don’t suffer any longer, headache relief is just a phone call away!