Neck Pain

Got Neck Pain? Get Relief!

Neck pain and whiplash are so common together that they are nearly synonymous terms. The problem is that neck pain following car accident injury can last years, or even for the rest of your life, after a crash. Research points out the chronic nature of neck injury pain after whiplash. Studies show that approximately 40-50% of those injured in car accidents suffer symptoms years, often decades, later.

Help Avoid a Lifetime of Neck Pain

The most import thing that you can do for your neck pain after an auto accident is to get the right care, right away. Please do not “wait for the pain to go away”. Pain is a sign that something is wrong, it is your body’s way of calling attention to a problem. If you ignore the pain up front, or mask it with pain killing medications, you may not like the way it presents itself later as the underlying injury degrades over time.

Get the Right Care ASAP for Neck Pain

The sooner you initiate care for neck pain following a whiplash injury, the better your overall chances of recovery are. Imagine if you ignored a broken bone and just let it heal without getting the bone aligned. Would you even consider that? Probably not, because you know that once it heals out of alignment you are likely stuck with it that way for the rest of your life.

Stop Complications Before They Start

What do you think happens to your neck when it heals improperly after whiplash? You got it, your neck likely gives you pain for the rest of your life. Not a pleasant thought! To further complicate matters, once your neck is injured in a car accident, you are 6.5 times more likely to develop degenerative changes to the discs and joints of the spine in the first 5 years following injury. Wow!

You Can Replace Tires, But You Only Get One Neck

Think about a car that is out of alignment. What happens to the tires? They wear out faster than normal and in an uneven pattern. Does it matter how old the car is? Not really. What matters is how long the problem has been there and how severe the problem is. Kind of like a neck that has sustained injury in a car accident that develops degenerative wear and tear within five years after the injury right?

Help for Your Neck Pain is a Phone Call Away

If you are suffering from neck pain, do yourself a favor and call Woodbridge chiropractor, Dr. Ruminder Birk, now at (905) 264-WELL. Dr. Birk has the training and experience to evaluate and care for neck pain after a car crash effectively. Don’t wait for your problem to magically “go away”, only to develop more pain and problems later. Take action now, correct the underlying car accident injuries and facilitate proper healing. Really, your health is just too precious to wait. Do you want to go through life like an old beat up clunker or a high performance masterpiece?