Understanding the Signals from your Body

How often do we ignore our body’s signals when your neck stiffens up or when we bump our heads by accident? Looking at many examples, we know for sure many people ignore these “small” problems because it doesn’t seem to be of much consequence to them right then and there but little things do add up over time.  It is important to be well educated about your health and know why your neck stiffens up randomly or perhaps it was an effect of whiplash you had a couple of years ago. People should be aware of their bodies from an early age so that they can correct all the little problems and prevent it from becoming a bigger problem later on.

Understand the Body’s Signals

If you’ve been in a car accident, no matter how minute, it is advisable that you get your x-rays done and have them read by a professional doctor and a chiropractor to find where the problem lies. When we look at the x-rays, we can usually tell that some of the changes had occurred many years prior to the accident. It is usually the beginning stages of arthritis with disk degeneration.  Moreover, this preexisting degeneration will also make you more vulnerable to getting more injured in recent accidents because your body is less able to withstand itself against the collision. Therefore, the body is always giving you little signals, such a s a stiff neck or even minor pain but just because the pain went away, the  problem will persist until corrected.

Take Care of The Little Things

The body will not be able to heal itself completely and over time, the posture of the neck will also worsen.  If these problems are ignored and the mobility isn’t preserved, the joints of the spine can start to wear out.  This will manifest into bigger problems in old age.

Therefore, just as we take care of our cars and change the oil regularly; we need to be aware of our bodies! If your neck is stiff, or you are experiencing headaches, it is important to get it checked out by a professional chiropractor. If you work on your posture and mobility early on, you will have less problems to face later on.


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