Whiplash and its Troubles

Importance of Receiving Care

I am constantly educating patients daily about a very important topic, the function and position of  their neck. Don’t get me wrong; I enjoy helping patients and informing them about something so important in regards to their health but I just wish more people were familiar with this information from an earlier age. The reason why is because if they were more familiar with this issue they would be more attentive when they encounter a neck or head injury. Examples include the neck stiffening or bumping their head. These little things don’t appear to be of much importance when they occur but gradually they add up over time.

Even a simple automobile accident may not seem like a great deal if no physical sight of blood was involved or if the car only incurred a small dent. But these little problems do result in having end costs, and the x-ray usually display these effects. Personally when I evaluate a patient’s x-rays, there are occasionally changes that had to come about years earlier. It is regularly the starting phases of arthritis with disk degeneration. If you have damaged you neck in a car accident recently, this pre-existing degeneration may have made you less able to endure the forces of the clash. However it also shows you had a little problem years before. Perhaps the body hinted you a sign before such as a stiff neck or even minor pain but the pain slowly disappeared and you thought the problem did too


Sadly, the body may not heal entirely on its own and gradually if the posture of the neck is disregarded or the mobility isn’t preserved, the small joints of the spine can wear out. Just relate this situation to a car; the tires of the car wearing unevenly caused from being out of alignment.

It shocks me every now and then how well we take care of our vehicles, from changing the oil on a regular basis to having it aligned, but when it comes to our own body regarding the neck or spine, even a clash with a wall is thought to be of little significance.

Take Action

If your neck is bothering you, maybe stiffness, pain or headaches, it’s essential to get it checked out. Working on your posture early on and keeping your mobility smooth and even are best taken care of at an early age, not after arthritis has set in.


If you’ve been in car, bumped your head, or things just don’t feel quite right, then call our office Atlantis Chiropractic at 905-264-9355 for a no obligations free consultation.

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