Whiplash and The Affect on Shoulder Injury


In a car accident, whiplash will occur to almost all parts of the body  and it’s a full body disorder. The person can feel pain, dizziness, headaches and fatigue; and injuries will move beyond the neck and into the shoulder area as well. Studies have looked at shoulder complaints in individuals who had suffered a whiplash type of trauma and out of 220 patients involved with whiplash, 26% had  shoulder symptoms.

There are many ways whiplash can effect the shoulder. When there is direct trauma from a frontal impact and the added pressure of a seat belt can cause fracturing of cartilage and sprain of the surrounding ligaments. Furthermore, the acromim (the pointy top of the shoulder) and some impingements (binding and compression) can affect the tendons of the rotator cuff and other soft tissues under this bone. Sometimes a fluid filled sac (bursa) can swell during the night causing pain.

Chiropractic Treatments

Furthermore, most patients overlook the shoulder pain because they have referred pain from the pain and this can result in the impingement syndrome being overlooked as a result.  This can further delay treatment and result in prolonged pain and discomfort.

To find the underlying issues, an MRI can be performed.  Moreover, there may be inflammation surrounding the different tendons because they are caught between the shoulder bone and the soft tissues. Most importantly, shoulder injuries can be treated naturally and through chiropractic care and rarely require surgery.

To figure out the effective solution, the specific problem area need to be diagnosed.  If the problem is with the shoulder, a chiropractor can help align the shoulder as well as perform an adjustment on the neck.  Furthermore, specific exercises targeting the neck muscles as well as the rotator cuff muscles will help to alleviate the pain and restore full function of the joint and muscle of the shoulder.

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